As a pharmacy, it’s really important to us that we help people get the very most out of their medications: in essence, the best outcomes with the least amount of side effects possible.

Often when we ask people about side effects, they shrug and say everything is fine – because they don’t see tiredness or aches and pains as side effects worth talking about, or just decide they must be an inevitable part of ageing rather than linked to their medication(s).

The truth is: the “little” things matter – if your medication is leaving you feeling constantly drained and sore, then it’s definitely worth having a talk with your pharmacist. It may simply be that the medication you’re on is causing a nutritional imbalance in your body, and with a change of diet or the right supplement, you could have some bounce back in your step relatively quickly.

So: never be afraid to ask questions about your medication, or ask for help if you’re not feeling a hundred percent – it’s what we’re here for.

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