The concept of the poly-pill, which is combining five different medicines into one “pill,” has recently been researched. One clever nutrition specialist has copied this approach and come up with the idea of a poly-meal. They identify six foods that when taken will reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by over 70%. Wow that is a huge reduction in risk! In other words, instead of taking five tablets, you just make sure you’ve got the six key foods in your diet.

The Polymeal Approach To Preventing Heart Disease:

Every day consume:

• One glass of red wine (150ml)
• Dark chocolate (100g) (should NOT contain dairy products)
• Almonds (68g)
• Garlic (2.7g)
• Fruit and vegetables (400g)

Plus consume fish (118g of oily fish preferably) at least four times a week.

Recently a lady came to see me because her cholesterol levels, while not overly high, were heading towards the high-risk category. Her doctor had said that if her cholesterol didn’t
improve she would need to start taking medicines. She wanted to be around long enough to see her grandkids go off to school, so she was quite motivated. However, she was reluctant to start taking cholesterol medications. She agreed to change her diet, incorporating the principles of the polymeal.

When she came back after her next doctors visit, she was pleased that her cholesterol levels had improved slightly, but she was even more delighted that she felt so much better. She felt healthy and she had lost a bit of weight as well. All this was achieved solely with changing the diet.

So that’s a really encouraging story for us; not only did that lady get all the benefits from reduced heart attack risk and has the ability to achieve her life goals, but she just feels so much better today and she does not have to worry about any medication side effects.

This doesn’t mean that you should go off any medication you’re already taking, or start immediately stocking up on Central Otago pinot; simply that it’s always worth speaking to your pharmacist or health practitioner about other ways that you may be able to improve your health issues, particularly if you’ve been advised that they are still in their early stages.

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