Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Does diarrhoea or constipation dictate your life?

Is your doctor stumped when it comes to fixing up your gut?

Do you avoid going out because of your bowels?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is no laughing matter. For some people it involves mainly diarrhoea, for others constipation, and for some people it alternates between the two. It nearly always involves bloating and cramping, embarrassing wind and gurgling noises.

IBS Health Solutions
As a pharmacist, I see lots of patients that have IBS. Some people will tell me that they have tried “everything” to fix the problem, yet still struggle to leave the house without planning toilet stops. The reason that these treatments haven’t worked is that IBS is not caused by a single problem. It is the result of problems in 4 functional layers. So using a single treatment often only results in temporary relief.

These four functional layers include your diet, the balance of good bacteria in your intestines, the integrity of the lining of your intestinal wall, and your enteric nervous system. Each of these layers needs to be working optimally for you to get lasting relief.

If you want more information on my IBS Optimal Health Solution then call in for a chat with one of our team at the pharmacy.

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