A commonly asked question: why is my cholesterol high? While we usually associate high cholesterol with a fatty diet, that is not the only possible cause. There can be a number of reasons for raised cholesterol. What is going on in your body might be quite different to what is going on in your friend’s body.

One reason for cholesterol levels to go up is as a protective mechanism. For example, if your body is under a lot of inflammatory stress, then cholesterol levels will rise. Another reason for cholesterol to go up relates to your hormone levels, since hormones are made from cholesterol. So if you have low levels of hormones, then your body will try and make more cholesterol. Your body will naturally put cholesterol levels up so you have more raw materials with which to make hormones from.

For example: a male in his 40s or 50s has probably got a decline in hormone function and that may be a reason why the body is putting up the cholesterol to try and boost his hormones back to healthy levels. So in that case, high cholesterol levels are definitely a marker for a bigger problem that needs addressing if the person is to feel their very best.

If you treat one sign, such as high cholesterol, and don’t address all the other health issues, you can be left with a crappy life. That’s why we recommend that people look at supplements and nutrition based strategies to improve their overall health if they have high cholesterol, as well as taking their prescription medication.

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